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Alex Winter

Cassandra Peterson

Catherine Mary Stewart

Chris Butler - The Waitresses

Cindy Morgan

Claudia Wells

Dean Cameron

Dee Wallace

Diane Franklin

Ernie Hudson


Geoffrey Owens

Harold Faltermeyer

Honky Tonk Man

Howard Scott Warshaw

Jim Babjak - The Smithereens

John Kassir

John Tartaglia

Julie Brown

Keith Coogan

Laila Robins

Lance Guest

Lee Ving - Fear

Mark Holton

Michael Chambers

Michael Sweet - Stryper

Nina Blackwood

Paul Robb - InfoSoc

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

R.A. Salvatore

Scott Schwartz

Sir Mix-A-Lot


Taylor Dayne

Vernon Wells

Yuri Lowenthal

Here's a partial list of the many 1980s icons and other celebrity guests we've had the fortune to interview.

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