1980s Now is a weekly examination of the importance of 1980s pop culture and its continued influence on today. Our hosts set out to prove that nostalgia alone doesn’t account for the contemporary fascination with their favorite decade. Instead, they share personal experiences and interview experts to demonstrate the “era of greed” bore the greatest moments in movies, music, television and sports. The show is equally entertaining and informative.


To date, the show has covered a wide variety of topics, including punk rock, movie stunts and classic video games. Additionally, the podcast has examined curious relationships like those between 1980s politics and entertainment, “The Karate Kid” and bullying on social media, and sci-fi technology and philosophy. For a list of past topics, visit our episode guide.


Our hosts have spoken with 1980s favorites like Alex Winter, Harold Faltermeyer, original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood, Michael Sweet (lead singer/founder of Stryper), actor John Kassir (The Cryptkeeper from"Tales from the Crypt"), actor Catherine Mary Stewart (“The Last Starfighter”), WWE Hall of Famer “Honky Tonk Man”and actor video game designer Howard Scott Warshaw. And there are a number of additional 1980s talent scheduled to appear. Additionally, the hosts have featured contemporary performers like actor Derek Wilson ("Future Man"), voice actor Yuri Lowenthal (“Superman” and PS4’s “Spider-Man”) and Marvel stuntman Eric Linden. They’ve also spoken with dozens of experts in other fields, including university professors, authors, artists and one former U.S. congressman. For a list of past guests, visit our episode guide.


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